Storytelling starts with an idea that is then shaped through collaboration to form a captivating concept.


The writers take the concept as a launching point and work to develop the arc of the story to its natural landing point.


They chronicle, organize, and manage each step of production to ensure a smooth journey from pre-production through delivery.

Film & Fly

LP incorporates fluid visuals into every shoot. Whether it is subtly maneuvering through a scene, flying the Steadicam, operating the Steadi-seg, or aerially navigating a drone, their cameras are constantly on the move.


LP photographers have the experience to capture an entire narrative within a single still or a series of photos.


Final content is shaped and refined in the editing process. From the fully equipped dual-screen editing suite, LP creates the epic cuts to accompany their visuals and captivating narrative.

Sound & Score

Their extended audio team of engineers, composers, and musicians fine-tune each piece according to the unique tone and scale of the narrative.
Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

The in house and extended post production team craft and animate graphics to emphasize, explain and display the message within a story.


Clients have the opportunity to collaborate from anywhere in the world with the remote review option or screen alongside the team in the studio lounge.